The Philly-area transformational women's conference of 2018  |  APRIL 21, 2018  |  Fort Washington, PA

One-Day Only April 21st 10 am - 5 pm (catered lunch included)

Worth joining in!

Learn what it takes, then do what it takes. Action required. Leave with an action plan for your vision + a support system.


April 21st @ 10am - 5 pm


Vision | Decision | Action

In 2018, we hope that you choose to WIN. It may require everything of you. But, if you are ready to uncover your issues, unveil your truth, unleash your gifts to unlock your God-given potential, JOIN US! This full-day conference will awaken you to possibilities again and ignite your passion to respond to your innermost yearnings with a vigorous "YES!" You're up for the challenge, so let's get ready!

Dynamic, proven and talented speakers, work session facilitators and strategic partners are at your disposal for ONE DAY to help bring your vision to light. This is your year to realize the vision God has given you. Are you ready to fully engage life? Are you ready to learn what you're made of? If you're ready to win, it's time to show up. We're here to help you. Be here.

Conference will be held at Holiday Inn, 432 Pennsylvania Ave, Fort Washington, PA 19034. A catered hot lunch is provided by Banana Leaf Catering. 

This is an all-day event. To maximize your experience and receive a full return on your investment, prepare to attend the conference in its entirety. Seats limited to 40 women. All program materials will be provided.

Let us know you are ready to choose YOU!

Write the Vision:

Plan the Action

Workshop to map your vision and break it down into bite-sized action items.

Believe & Share the Vision:

Bold Intention Announcement

Getting comfortable sharing your vision and inviting others to support you. 

Launch the Vision:

Setting the Plan in Motion

Identifying key resources, tools and next steps to make it happen.

"I'm ready to invest in ME." 

How we gonna win if we ain't right within? Let's pinpoint our "stuff."

01. Introspective Reflection

Let's choose to no longer conceal what holds us back. We must reveal in order to heal.

02. Explore, Reveal and Heal

The vision is absolutely important. But the overall health of the person with the vision is essential to actually experiencing true victory in this life. We must WIN from WITHIN!

Mental | Emotional | Spiritual | Physical Wellness

Upgrade our self-talk, habits, actions, decisions and internal story-telling to honor, love and appreciate ourselves.

03. Revisit our Narrative

Removing societal definitions, we will define what winning means for each of us.

04. Redefine Winning

We've faced obstacles before, let's strategically prepare for future ones.

05. Overcoming Obstacles

Let's develop a 3-month Action plan to serve as a roadmap on our journey to WIN. 

06. Ready to Embark!

Are you really ready? This is not a spectator conference. Action is Required. 

Limited seating available.

Organizer, I'm Ready To Choose

Founder, I Choose To Win

Melonie Butler

Dynamic presenters and speakers also serve as hands-on, engaging workshop facilitators with years of experience pushing women into new realms of greatness. We won't be just talking to you. We will be working alongside you. Come ready!


CEO, A Lawful Truth and DivineMuvaDiva

Andrea Lawful Sanders

Reverend and Life Coach

Zakiya Fatin

Vocalist &


Jennifer Strickland

Founder, Lighthouse Family Youth Agency

Naima Cannedy

Founder, Get Cha Mind Right

Stephanie Ford

Melonie Butler

"I want to awaken you to your life's purpose. And, with a made up mind, invite you to unleash your gifts to resurrect the power that lived within you all along."

Andrea Lawful Sanders

"If you aren't committed to your own success, you cannot convince anyone to be committed on your behalf. That is foolhardy. Stop talking and be about it."

Let's stop talking and be about it!

It's time to live our best narratives. We must remind ourselves of our pending victory: our story of overcoming. Then, we must live it out. Are you ready? 

It's time to choose.

Vision | Decision | Action

Daily, we exercise the power of choice. 

In life, let's choose to WIN.

Are you ready?

Our lives move in the direction of our focus and pattern of our habits. Choose where to focus and ensure positive and healthy habits.


I'm Ready to Choose Conference is brought to you by I Choose To Win, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that edifies, empowers and equips women to WIN!