SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2020

 5:00 - 6:30 PM 



Vision | Decision | Action

Thank you for your interest, however registration has closed. Conference will be held virtually on Zoom. Login credentials were provided to those who registered prior to Sunday at noon. 

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Melonie Butler 856.278.0604 or melonie@ichoosetowin.org.  

It's 2020! And we are faced with the global crisis of the COVID-19 Coronavirus  pandemic, subjecting us to being quarantined in our homes, furloughed from our jobs, home-schooling our children, finding our own sense of peace in the midst of chaos. Yet, it is up to us to choose how we respond to all of these external factors. It may require everything of us to remain sane, but I hope you can find a glimmer of hope. 

I hope you choose to see yourself as victorious when it's all said and done. I hope God is revealing himself to you and your circumstances in ways like never before. If you are ready to be intentional in uncovering your issues, unveiling your truth, unleashing your gifts to unlock your God-given potential, Join Us! For those who were with us two years ago, when we first launched this conference, we can't wait to hear your journey! It just may be the source of encouragement for a fellow sister. 

It's my hope that we are all ready to fully engage life. We are ready to learn what you're made of. We are ready to win. All we have to do . . . is choose! Join us for "I'm Ready to Choose" virtual conference this Sunday!

"I'm ready to choose differently." 

Because we will be gathering virtually, we'll have to find new ways to love on one another in the absence of physical touch. I believe in the power of sisterhood, so let's discuss ways we can still be of support for one another during these times.

Mental | Emotional | Spiritual | Physical Wellness

While having a vision of your future is absolutely important, the overall health of the person with the vision is essential to actually experiencing true victory in this life. We must WIN from WITHIN!

03. Revisit our Narrative

01. Introspective Reflection

02. Explore, Reveal and Heal

Upgrade our self-talk, habits, actions, decisions and internal story-telling to honor, love and appreciate ourselves.

How we gonna win if we ain't right within? Let's pinpoint our "stuff."

Let's choose to no longer conceal what holds us back. We must reveal in order to heal.

04. Redefine Winning

05. Overcoming Obstacles

06. Ready to Embark!

Removing societal definitions, we will define what winning means for each of us.

We've faced obstacles before, let's strategically prepare to get through this one. 

Ask questions about developing your own action plan to serve as a roadmap on our journey to WIN. 


All of our original speakers will be back to share updates with us. We have some new speakers with specialized areas for you to hear from, too. And they're all volunteering their time to be a resource for you. 

Please, take full advantage of this opportunity and come with your questions!

Melonie Butler

Andrea Lawful Sanders

Zakiya Fatin

Organizer, I'm Ready To Choose

Founder, I Choose To Win

CEO, A Lawful Truth and DivineMuvaDiva

Reverend and Life Coach

Ann Colley

Naima Cannedy

Stephanie Ford


CEO, A. L. Colley & Assocs., Inc

Founder, Lighthouse Family Youth Agency

Founder, Get Cha Mind Right 

Owner, Coffee Cream & Dreams

Kamella Emmanuel

Rachael Hanible

Shabrei Parker, Esq

Career and Executive Coach

CEO, Keep Evolving Consulting, LLC

Personal Finance Consultant 

CEO, Missing Peace Financial Group


Partner, Mincey Fitzpatrick Ross, LLC

Let's stop talking and be about it!

It's time to live our best narratives. We must remind ourselves of our pending victory: our story of overcoming. Then, we must live it out. Are you ready? 

It's time to choose.

Melonie Butler

Andrea Lawful Sanders

"I want to awaken you to your life's purpose. And, with a made up mind, invite you to unleash your gifts to resurrect the power that lived within you all along."

"If you aren't committed to your own success, you cannot convince anyone to be committed on your behalf. That is foolhardy. Stop talking and be about it."

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Daily, we exercise the power of choice. In life, let's choose to WIN.Are you ready?

Our lives move in the direction of our focus and pattern of our habits. Choose where to focus and ensure positive and healthy habits.

I'm Ready to Choose Conference is brought to you by I Choose To Win, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that edifies, empowers and equips women to WIN!